CBD Oil is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. It’s legal in all 50 states, and it’s used for many purposes–including anxiety relief, chronic pain management, depression, diabetes prevention, PTSD treatment, and more. CBD itself does not produce any psychoactive effects (meaning you won’t feel “high” like you do with THC), but some studies claim that CBD can react with receptors in your brain to reduce feelings of pain or anxiety.

There are many types of CBD products available on the market today—from oils to capsules to topicals—but not all of them have equal quality. We’ve done the research. Here are our picks for the 3 best full-spectrum CBD oils on the market right now


What is full-spectrum CBD?

Many CBD products are made with CBD isolate, which means it’s only the CBD chemical compound. But others are made with full-spectrum CBD, which includes all the other compounds found in the cannabis plant.

The most notable one is THC–which can have psychoactive effects for people who are sensitive to THC. That’s why many people prefer full-spectrum CBD, which doesn’t include THC.

Full-spectrum CBD is just as beneficial as CBD isolate, but without the psychoactive side effects so it won’t feel like you’re high. The best part? It doesn’t require a medical marijuana card!


Why is full-spectrum better than CBD isolate?

There are a lot of misconceptions about CBD oil floating around out there. One of the biggest is that CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD oil are the same things.

The truth? No, they’re not.

CBD isolate refers to CBD products that have been processed so that the only cannabinoid left is CBD, without any other plant compounds included. These can be in various forms such as liquids or capsules.

Full-spectrum CBD products include additional plant compounds such as terpenes and flavonoids, which some people think provide additional health benefits. When it comes to choosing your product, you’ll want to aim for one that includes these extra ingredients if possible!


The 3 best full-spectrum CBD oils on the market.

1. Green Roads World

Green Road’s CBD oil is a full-spectrum oil, meaning it contains CBD as well as other cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis plants. It has a THC-free formula that will not show up on drug tests.

This CBD oil also has an interesting flavor, which might be a bit of an acquired taste. However, this product is recommended for people who want to avoid the earthy taste that some people experience with hemp-derived oils.

What makes Green Road different from most other brands? Apart from having a highly potent and pure product, they’re also one of the few companies that offer to cover any shipping costs–including international shipping–for your first purchase.

2. REMEDY Extracts

REMEDY Extracts sells its products to dispensaries and dispensaries only (no retail). That means you can rest assured you’re getting a quality product without any harmful additives or artificial flavors/colors.

The company boasts uniquely high levels of free cannabidiol acid (CBDa) and cannabidiol (CBD), and this won’t show up on your drug test because REMEDY Extracts uses lab-tested hemp grown in Colorado, where marijuana is



When it comes to pure, full-spectrum CBD oils, one brand reigns supreme: PureKana.

This reputable company has made it its mission to bring the highest quality hemp oil products to the market. Their CBD tinctures are absolutely pure; you can find no THC or other chemical additives in these tinctures.

PureKana’s proprietary extraction process ensures that users will get a safe and potent product that won’t cause any unwanted side effects like stomach upset, dry mouth, or headaches.

How do they accomplish this? By using natural techniques like ultrasound to extract the hemp oil without using chemical solvents. This method is much safer because it preserves the natural compounds of the plant and guarantees a higher quality of CBD oil with a better taste and consistency.

Additionally, their products have been through rigorous third-party lab testing to ensure purity and safety for consumers.

So if you’re looking for a top-quality CBD oil that’s totally pure and safe, look no further than PureKana!


Green Roads World

Green Roads World is a well-known and trusted maker of CBD products. They offer a high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil taken from hemp plants grown in Kentucky, taken from organic plants grown without pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers.

This product contains no THC, meaning you won’t get “high” when using it. However, its effects are still very powerful. When applied to the skin, it has been reported to reduce chronic pain by as much as 80 percent in some patients with arthritis.

Green Roads World’s CBD oil comes in four different sizes–2oz, 4oz, 8oz, and 16oz bottles–and with various variety options (full spectrum, broad spectrum non-psychoactive). Prices vary accordingly per size.



When it comes to CBD, Elixinol is one of the most popular brands on the market. Their products are made from USDA-certified organic hemp which means that they don’t contain any GMO’s or pesticides. You can expect their products to be free of chemicals and solvents that are commonly found in other CBD oils.

Elixinol manufactures 3 different types of CBD oil: Full-spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Hemp Oil.

The Full-Spectrum product contains both CBD and THC, which are two very different cannabinoids, but both with very different effects. The THC helps with pain relief while the CBD helps with anti-anxiety properties.

If you’re looking for a more natural way to manage chronic pain, anxiety, depression, ADHD/ADD, or PTSD then Elixinol’s Broad Spectrum may be your best option. This product contains only CBD without any trace of THC–so there’s no high risk of intoxication.